Exploration and New Possibilities - A DakotAbilities Success Story

Katie has been with DakotAbilities just a few short months, and in this time we've seen her grow and become a much more engaged person by getting involved in the numerous activities the Meaningful Day program offers. Katie came from an environment without a lot of peer interaction or socialization. Meaningful Day has opened her up to a new world of possibilities and exploration. During her first month here, she was content to sit at a table and keep to herself with activities. However, as Christmas approached and her room was making treats for others, Katie jumped at the chance to help. She soon began chatting with peers and staff, elated to see the results of her work and share handmade treats with others.

Another important part of Meaningful Day is walking and fitness. This group makes laps around Longfellow and is quite social. Initially, Katie wanted very little to do with the group; however, she was gently encouraged by staff to participate and she soon realized how much fun it could be. Now she regularly walks with her peers, making laps and getting exercise while making new friends and exploring her world.

Meaningful Day also takes place outside of Longfellow Center. With the encouragement of staff, Katie soon began attending the Washington Pavilion, enjoying the exhibits and interactive activities offered there.

Meaningful Day Services are a vital part of DakotAbilites' mission to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of each person it supports. Every person is unique, and we strive to support each individual based on their interests, personalities, abilities, and goals.

Meaningful Day programs are made possible with the generous support of our community. To donate, go to https://www.dakotabilities.org...