Our mission is to support independence, choice and access to an inclusive community.
Residential Services
DakotAbilities provides a wide variety of services and supports in the residential setting. Residential Supports are offered in 19 separate locations around the City of Sioux Falls. The types of supports offered range from Independent living arrangements at homes and apartments to 24 hour nursing facilities. read more
Daytime Services
Day Program, Vocational support and other alternatives are offered in a variety of settings, providing opportunities for meaningful work, social interaction and community integration. Our individuals are trained to develop independence, self-esteem, and satisfaction from continuous learning experiences. read more
Nursing Services
DakotAbilities has 24 hour nursing support available to all individuals who receive services. Not only are nurses available by pager, but we have one home that is staffed by nurses 24 hours a day for individuals needing more medical attention. Our nursing department is made up of a Director of Nursing Services, 9 full-time nurses and 3 on-call nurses. Our nursing staff are an integral part of a person's team. read more
Volunteering your time with DakotAbilities will allow you to meet and spend time with some wonderful people. read more

Welcome to Dakotabilities


At DakotAbilities, we have a vision - of a community that actively includes people of all abilities.

And we're working to make that vision come true. DakotAbilities is a nonprofit organization serving people with developmental disabilities. 

We create an environment where people with disabilities can reach their highest potential. And we're striving to make our community one in which all people are valued for their individual contributions and talents. 

Enjoy your visit to our website as you learn about the wonders at DakotAbilities. 

Best Regards,

Robert Bohm