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"My Sister Pam was a part of DakotAbilities for many years.  It was her home, the staff was her family.  She flourished under their care, humor and love.  As I look back at the pictures Pam has on her ipad or in her photo albums I realize how full Pam's life was and this was due to DakokAbilities.  Pam's personal staff made her life one of living not being disabled.  She participated in Special Olympics games, pageants, Storm games, movies, picnics, and events too numerous to mention.  I will be forever indebted to these beautiful people.  They are as much heros in my eyes as any."

-Gene Von Bieckerdyke, Buffalo, SD

"We feel doubly blessed to have received services from DakotAbilities for both my sister, Rita and our daughter Sara. They say lightning never strikes twice, but in our family it did. DakotAbilities was literally a life saver when my Mother passed away and Dad was left to try to care for Rita alone. It soon became apparent that it was more than difficult. We feel so fortunate to have the wonderful care for Rita for many years now and it continues on. Staff at the 41st St. house do their best day after day for her.

Sara has been a day client since she was 18, when the school district was no longer meeting her needs. Her capabilities and needs have changed throughout the years and staff there have worked hard to adapt programs to meet those challenges. When Sara’s limited work skills did not meet the available offerings, Alternative Services stepped in. We especially admire their willingness to take Sara swimming, a favorite activity. On the flip side, when Sara has been sidelined with an illness and the energy reserve is low, our requests to scale down strenuous activity for her have always been honored.

Responsiveness is the word that describes leaders and staff from top to bottom at the facility and group homes.

We are most thankful,

Respectfully and with thanks",

Larry and Mary Anne Urban