New Year, New Look

This year, DakotAbilities is launching a new website and a refreshed brand look. Here's the "why" behind our new look.

The new brand builds on DakotAbilities’ strengths.
People supported, families and friends, our talented team and the community like what they know about DakotAbilities. The refreshed brand uses a similar wordmark.

Now’s the time.
Consistent with our strategic plan, DakotAbilities has been actively building our brand with engagement, public policy education, and story-telling. Next steps include website updates and other marketing materials. It makes sense to align a brand refresh with those investments.

The look reflects our values.
Our design partners know and understand the DakotAbilities mission and our organizational values. They created a refresh that is friendly, welcoming and empowering. Updated branding reinvigorates and takes us to the future. The updated brand is a way to bring energy and excitement to the DakotAbilities we all know and love. The new brand is a modern take that expresses our commitment to learning and growing.

There’s opportunity to grow.
The refreshed brand is strong and dependable, but also nimble and adaptable…just like DakotAbilities is in supporting people.