April "Living the Mission" Award Nominees and Winner

Each month, employees are nominated by their peers for the "Living the Mission" award recognizing work ethic reflecting our core values. April's nominees are Curt Kamstra, Walter Hummel, Hanna Berg, Carly Reitercollins, Monnica Szybka, Heidi Wilcox, Kim Gabbert, Shelly Eaglehorse, Cristina Pontarelli, and Hayley Brown. We congratulate all nominees, and Cristina for her compassion and care in helping others.

Cristina's full nomination reads:

"Cristina consistently keeps Trinity running smoothly and has given the location great leadership. Most recently, someone she supported there became ill and was unable to return and went into hospice care. She worked with her staff and made sure that he had daily visitors and constant visitor support, not only in hospice but even prior while he was in the hospital. When the time came, she also coordinated for multiple people to attend his funeral on the weekend with only a day's notice, ensuring everyone was able to honor his memory at the memorial. She worked extra hours, supporting him and others not only during her working hours but also on weekends and evenings. She made sure he felt the love of DakotAbilities every single day. Even family commented on how wonderful the support had been, and they had to start a notebook to keep track of all of the visitors he would have daily."