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September 2020 eNewsletter

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You are now entering the Zen Zone.

This traffic sign was in central Sioux Falls. Wouldn't it be great if we saw these signs everywhere without the word 'traffic'? Pick a current topic from the pandemic to politics and everything in between and it's easy to see why we are stressed. We would all like an assurance that calming is coming.

Danielle Dahl recently wrote an article called, 'Nothing is Normal, and We're All Tired. Now What?' In short, these are her suggestions for coping:
1. Take care of yourself physically and emotionally.
2. Use your time wisely and that may mean saying no more often. Try not to engage strangers in divisive arguments on social media.
3. Recognize what you can and can't control.
4. Remain resilient and grateful.
5. Show kindness and compassion. We don't know what what that person who appears to be irrational is dealing with.
6. Perform a random act of kindness every day. (It will be a gift to yourself!)

Her list does not contain anything we have not already heard but they are worth hearing again. If you have more great ways to reduce stress,
please share! We'll get thru these times and appreciate the Zen Zone even more.



Celebrating our Direct Support Professionals

This week we are celebrating our DSP's. They are the hands-on people who keep the individuals we serve safe, healthy, and loved. During COVID-19 their jobs are more important than ever. They are using this time of isolation to continue Meaningful Day activities, providing opportunities to everyone to reach out to friends and families via iPads, teach living skills, and maintaining gardens. Thanks to technology, homes are able to challenge one another to games like Bingo, Hangman, and scavenger hunts. Family members are helping us celebrate by sending notes of support and making donations to honor them.

The week will be filled with fun dressing themes and a competition called DakotAbilities Got Talent. DakotAbilities Leadership Team recognizes their contributions and knows that we could not provide any of our services without them.


Monday was Pajama Day as part of DSP Week.


Don't forget our nurses!

We can't celebrate the people who are the heart and soul of DakotAbilities without mentioning the amazing nursing staff. Between the DSPs and the nurses, this is a sample of what one task they performed in August alone: distributing medications.
11 passed out over 1,000 medications
6 passed out more than 1,500 medications
1 passed out more than 3,500 medications
1 passed out over 4,000 medications

This information is now easily available thanks to a new program that began in May of 2020 called QuickMAR. Among other things, it tracks how many meds, treatments, or vitals each staff has completed.


Show them you care, too!

This year's celebration will be unique, but then, what isn't these days? We will still distribute gifts to all DSPs and every day is a contest based on the theme of the day. We will still have our DSP of the Year chosen. The difference is that for the first time we will not all be together. Everything will be virtual. Want to be involved too? Feel free to send a message or make a donation to honor them. They appreciate either (and both)!





Pursuing the Dream Job

Amy and Emily found their perfect jobs. They started working at Yakkity Yank Coffee Shack a couple of weeks ago when it first opened. Yakkity Yak Coffee Shack is located in the new All American Gymnastics Academy building located near South Cliff and 77th Street. Baristas Amy and Emily have been trained to make and serve coffee, smoothies, and sandwiches as well as utilize their outgoing personalities with customers. Their jobs are a dream come true for them.

Megan Anderson, DakotAbilities' Community Day Manager, helped the two ladies every step of the way including attending Vocational Rehab with them, helping prepare them for interviews, and coordinating conversations between their employment specialists and their new supervisor. Megan said she is proud of their hard work and determination. She said it was not an easy process to find employment but they never gave up. All of us at DakotAbilities are proud of them!

For a video and article by Dakota News Now,
click here.



Thank you. We hope you enjoyed our Zen Zone!




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